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S*Cheesericas Leica - Bedömning

Utställning City Cat Club, Vallentuna 26/7 2008
Domare Lone Lund

Type / Type

Promising young body, nice body + bone structure, well balanced

Huvud / Head

Sweet expression, nice profile, good topline + forehead, chin + underjaw could be stronger.

Ögon / Eyes

Good size, shape, setting. Promising color.

Öron / Ears

Small, rounded. Ok setting for age.

Päls / Coat

Ex texture + quality, well developed point color + nice bicolor pattern.

Svans / Tail

Good length and shape.

Kondition / Condition

Ok, likes her food.

Allmänt intryck / General Impression

Ex temperament - a ? Queen.

Bedömningsresultat / Qualification

Ex 1

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